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Zirconium Crowns

Say Hi to Natural Looking Teeth!

Many thanks to the technologies and materials used in the field of cosmetic dental aesthetics, it is now possible to achieve more natural results in crowns and veneers.

Thanks to Zirconium Crowns, one of the most effective applications among these new generation solutions, you can have a radiant but extremely natural smile.

If you are exploring dental crown or veneer options, getting zirconium teeth in Turkey is a good option.

What is a Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium crown treatment is a new-generation full veneer dental application that provides the most effective results in dental aesthetics, is extremely robust, and is perfectly compatible with intraoral tissues. In this application, zirconium crown material is used when preparing ceramic restorations. Recognized as a biologically compatible and anti-allergenic material, zirconium is a white alloy that is used to replace the gray colored metal alloy in the substructure of conventional metal-supported crowns or bridges.

With the zirconium crown process, patients with tooth loss problems can get their new teeth and get a healthy and shining smile.

Who Can Get Zirconium Crown Teeth?

  • Those with missing teeth and tooth fractures
  • Where the filling is insufficient to eliminate the loss of material in the tooth
  • Those seeking correction of crooked and separated teeth
  • Patients with aesthetic problems in the anterior tooth area
  • Anyone who wants to have a whiter, more beautiful smile
  • People allergic to metal materials

How to Apply Zirconium Crowns?

  • 1. Preparation and impression:

    For zirconium dental crowns, the patient's teeth are first prepared by cutting some of the teeth in line with the smile design process. Once the teeth are cut, the necessary impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory. Special digital intraoral scanner systems can also be used during the measurement process.

  • 2. Production and Rehearsal:

    A zirconium infrastructure is prepared for rehearsal in the laboratory and sent to the clinic. The infrastructure rehearsal process is completed in the clinic and the process of porcelain processing is started on the zirconium infrastructure sent back to the laboratory.

  • 3. Fitting and Cementation:

    At the last stage, the zirconium-plated teeth, which are sent to the clinic again, are tested on our patient for the last time and made ready for delivery. The final crowns are cemented onto the patient's teeth or implants using special adhesive materials.

Today, technological advances in laboratories and the use of newly developed zirconium materials have made it possible to offer different dental options.

Monolithic Zirconium Crowns

Monolithic Zirconium Crowns are produced by milling on a zirconium block using CAD-CAM design system based on the digital scanning data sent to the laboratory, unlike traditional porcelain-treated zirconium crowns.

In this method, the amount of porcelain added is minimal. In this way, zirconium crowns can be produced faster and in a completely digital way. Monolithic zirconium crowns, which have various pros and cons compared to zirconium crowns prepared by porcelain build-up, are seen as the shining star of the future among dental restoration applications.

The whole zirconium crown treatment is completed in a short period of 5-8 days on average.

What are the Benefits of Zirconium Crown Teeth?

  • Zirconium crown teeth provide a very natural appearance.
  • Thanks to the ceramic in its base, these crowns transmit light perfectly and give excellent shine.
  • The fact that the gums are very compatible helps to prevent possible gingival problems that may occur in the future.
  • Teeth do not turn yellow due to the consumption of colored liquids such as tea and coffee.
  • Since the tooth surface has a polished appearance, there is no tartar accumulation.
  • In the long term, metal-based crowns can disrupt the electrolyte balance in the mouth. This negatively affects patients with metal allergies.
  • The gray reflection visible at the gingival line in metal-based crowns is absent in zirconium crown teeth.

Do Zirconium Crowns Break?

Anything that might cause your natural tooth to chip or crack can also cause zirconium crowns to chip or crack. Therefore, no matter how durable and robust your crowns are, you should avoid applying extra pressure and force to the tooth. Your broken or cracked crowns can be corrected in a clinical setting.

How to Care for Your Zirconium Teeth?

It is enough to apply your daily oral and dental care. With regular brushing and flossing, zirconium crowns can be used for a long period of time. We also recommend that you come for check-up sessions at intervals prescribed by your dentist.

How Much Do Getting Zirconium Teeth in Turkey Cost?

There is good reason that zirconium crowns are one of the most popular types of dental crowns. They are long-lasting, strong, and look just like your natural teeth. How much do they cost, though? A few factors influence the price. But, you should be aware that, in comparison to many other countries, getting zirconium teeth in Turkey treatment is very affordable.

Planning a Dental Trip to Antalya?

If you are making plans for a dental trip to Antalya, feel free to contact SDC Antalya Smile Clinic for a free online consultation about pricing and other question that you may have about getting zirconium teeth in Turkey.