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Questions Before Booking

Turkey is among the first countries that come to mind when it comes to dental treatment. Antalya is the most preferred point when it comes to health tourism. As SDC Antalya Smile Studio, located in Antalya, we have successfully completed the dental treatments of hundreds of patients and ensured that they return to their countries with a healthy and aesthetic smile thanks to the experience and professionalism we have adopted as a principle for ourselves and we continue to do so. You can easily access Antalya dental treatment services with SDC Antalya Smile Studio.

Step 1: Online Consultation

All you need to do is contact SDC Antalya Smile Studio. Our professional patient coordinators will get back to you immediately. Following this stage, the online consultation process, which is the first step in our dental treatment process, begins. Our patient coordinators will ask you for the information required to make a treatment plan (X-rays, photographs, existing reports, health history information, medications you take regularly, etc.). They learn about your complaints, needs and expectations in detail. The personal details you send is examined in detail by our expert dentists. A customized treatment plan is then created in the light of this information and a price offer is presented with a detailed explanation about the stages of the treatment process.

Step 2: Treatment and Travel Plan

If a mutual agreement is reached, your Antalya dental treatment process begins. Together, we determine suitable time frame for you to travel to Antalya and the necessary appointments are created in our system. At this stage, all you need to do is buy your flight ticket. After we receive your flight confirmation, our patient coordinators will book a room for you in one of our contracted hotels.

Step 3: Welcome to Antalya

When you arrive in Antalya, you will be picked up at the airport and transferred to the hotel by a private vehicle. Likewise, after your treatment process is completed, you will be transferred from your hotel to the airport according to the date and time of your return flight. Your transfers between the hotel and the clinic are also included in this process.

Step 4: Your Treatment Begins

Your first appointment can be the day you arrive in Antalya or the day after. This is entirely up to you. You decide how this schedule will be arranged as you plan your travel and appointments with our patient coordinators. Your first session starts with x-rays and a dentist consultation and if everything goes well, your treatment will start on the same day. Within the framework of the planning made, your appointments are arranged in accordance with your travel and vacation plans and your treatment is completed within the specified period.

Q. Do I have to go back and forth to Antalya?

If you are going to have dental implant treatment, you may need to travel to Turkey 2-3 times during the treatment planning process to attend clinic sessions. These sessions will have two phases, Surgical and Restorative. A travel plan is made so that each trip will take 6-8 days. It is sufficient for our patients who come to our clinic for Cosmetic Smile Aesthetics applications to travel 1 time to complete their procedures. You can anticipate that your trip to Antalya for the Cosmetic Smile Aesthetics procedure, which includes the preparation of teeth, taking measurements through digital or conventional methods, design process, preparation and rehearsals of the dental infrastructure and simulation of dental restorations, will take 6-8 days.

> Thousands of Patients from Abroad...

Apart from our international patients who come to Antalya for health tourism purposes and receive treatment in our clinic, Turkish citizens who work abroad and come to Turkey during their leave periods also prefer SDC Antalya Smile Studio. We offer a fast and high-quality treatment process with the most ideal plan for our patients coming from abroad.

> Benefits of Antalya Dental Treatment with SDC Antalya Smile Studio

• You can have the aesthetic smile of your dreams at much more affordable prices compared to Europe.
• Thanks to Antalya dental treatment service, you can regain your dental health while enjoying your holiday in one of Turkey's most popular touristic centers.
• You will receive excellent service because we use high quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment.
• It is so easy to reach us. There are direct and transfer flights to Antalya from all over the world and Turkey.
• You don't have to think about where to stay. Antalya is an elite touristic city with many alternatives in terms of accommodation such as hotels, hostels and holiday villages. You can benefit from many discounts with early bookings according to your treatment plan.
• Our team will take care of all the arrangements. We can direct you to the affordable and quality hotels we have contracted in Antalya. If you want to come with your family, you can make a reservation at any hotel in Antalya over the Internet.

> General Anesthesia and Contracted Hospitals

For some surgical procedures, we perform procedures under general anesthesia. In this case, private hospitals that we have contracted for anesthesia applications are included in the treatment process.