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Sinus Lifting and Bone Augmentations

Sinus Lifting: Bone Insufficiency Treatment Before Implants

Bone loss may occur over time in the area where there is missing teeth. A tooth missing for one year causes a volume loss of about 25% in the bone. Improperly aligned teeth, gum disease, infections and oral tumors can also lead to bone loss.

For long-lasting implant applications, it is necessary for the bone tissue to be of a certain volume and density. Different bone formation techniques can be used to achieve this.

Sinus lifting procedure, one of the treatments we apply at SDC Antalya Smile Clinic, is one of the most frequently used methods.

What is Sinus Lifting?

The air spaces in the bones around the nose are called sinuses. Due to tooth loss in the maxillary sinus cavities above our upper jaw and molars, there may be downward drooping and consequent loss of bone volume. In patients who need dental implant treatment, sinus lifting surgery is performed to increase bone height when needed.

How Do We Perform Sinus Lifting in Turkey?

Sinus lifting in Turkey is a surgical operation performed under local anesthesia and takes 15-20 minutes. This surgical procedure can be applied as Lateral (open) and Closed (internal).

The sinus membrane is elevated to the desired level and made ready for dental implant application by putting bone grafts. 1 to 3 cc of bone graft substitute and artificial collagene membrane is used for this procedure.

Are Implants Placed Immediately After Sinus Lifting Surgery?

The sinus lifting procedure can be immediately followed by the placement of an implant if the height of existing jawbone is 4-5 mm or more.

However, advanced bone augmentation and bone grafting treatments are used when this is not the case. This is because if the bone at the sinus floor is thin, it is not possible to ensure the stability of the implant. When this is the case, the implant is not placed in the same session. A separate appointment is made for this after 4 to 6 months.

Is Sinus Lifting Risky?

Sinus lift surgery is not a harmful procedure when performed by specialized dental surgeons.

However, poorly performed procedures can result in a tear in the bone graft and sinus mucosa, which can lead to infection and resorption of the infected bone. If this complication occurs, the sinus is reopened and the infected bone grafts are removed. Ultimately, treatment fails.

Therefore, the expertise and experience of your dental surgeon in this field is very important.

What is Advanced Bone Augmentation & Bone Grafting?

The Bone Augmentation process aims to regain bone tissue that has been lost due to various reasons. In this procedure, bone grafts, also known as bone dust, are placed and fixed in the jaw area where bone tissue will be reconstructed.

Do You Use Artificial or Natural Materials?

Bone grafts can be made up of human, animal or bone-like artificial materials.

The perfect choice, however, is grafts from your own bones. Generally, grafts from the jaw area are preferred, but in cases where this is insufficient, it may be necessary to take grafts from your hip or tibia. This would require a more extensive surgical operation, which would require general anesthesia and hospitalization.

Your dental surgeon will place the bone graft most suitable for you in the area where an increase in bone volume is desired.

Will I Get My Implants After Sinus Lifting and Bone Grafting?

Unless a minimal bone graft (bone dust) needs to be added for implant placement and there are no other complications, the implant placement phase can be started immediately after the bone grafting procedure.

Follow-up after Sinus Lifting in Turkey…

The full healing process following sinus lifting surgery can take 6 months after the implants are placed. This waiting period is important for the prosthetic applications to be performed afterwards.

Antibiotics and, if needed, analgesics are administered after the operation. The height, width and density of the newly added bone tissue should be checked on radiographs taken regularly during the healing period. In brief, this extensive surgical process will be planned in detail by your dentist.

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