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Smile Makeover

How About A Flawless Smile?

While beauty may be subjective, a beautiful smile requires perfect harmony between all elements of the face.

We, at SDC Antalya Smile Clinic, not only design brighter but also balanced and symmetrical smiles with a combination of restorative and cosmetic treatments that will bring harmony to your entire face and make you feel happy about yourself.

What is Digital Smile Design?

“Digital smile design, also known as "Hollywood Smile", is a remarkable and comprehensive cosmetic dental aesthetic procedure developed to establish a perfect harmony among dental elements like teeth, lips, and gums which comprise the shape of a person's smile.

While designing a perfect smile, the first step is to understand the patient's expectations. A detailed analysis must be carried out before implementation. A personalized treatment plan is created once the patient's gender and age, the form of the teeth, the shape and spacing of the lips and the shape of the bite, as well as the structure of the face are all examined together. The margin of error and treatment time are both reduced thanks to digital measurement systems.

Which Treatments Does Digital Smile Design Include?

Smile aesthetics can refer to any dental treatment that alters the shape, surface structure, or color of the teeth. Treatment methods used to achieve a beautiful, radiant smile generally include the removal of tooth deficiencies using implant and prosthesis applications, porcelain laminate veneers and crowns, zirconium veneers, orthodontic treatments, teeth whitening applications, and gingivectomy procedures.

How Do We Design Your Smile?

  • Design Stage:

    During the initial consultation, the teeth are digitally scanned using a 3D intraoral scanner, and photographs and videos are taken using studio equipment. The most appropriate design is determined by displaying sample studies and models in accordance with the patient's expectations and the anatomical structure of the patient’s face. After the digital smile design is completed, the patient is shown what kind of appearance they will have when the procedure is completed, and asked for a feedback.

  • Treatment Plan and Application Stage:

    The treatment methods necessary for the initial evaluation of the teeth and gums are carried out if orthodontic treatment is not required in the subsequent sessions. Gum level disorders are eliminated. Implant operations and other essential surgical procedures are performed if any teeth are lacking. If needed, teeth whitening can be performed once the healing process is complete. Following this stage, cosmetic composite filling applications are used to correct a few minor deformities.

    If zirconium veneers or porcelain laminates are to be utilized in place of composite fillings, there are many steps that must be taken. By incorporating the patient's ideas during the rehearsals, adjustments can be made. The patient's lip shape is also taken into account during this design process and during rehearsals, and the targeted design is then completed.

  • Control Stage:

    Follow-up appointments are arranged for the first week, first month, and third month following the conclusion of the patient’s Smile Makeover in Turkey. After that, the patient's dental health must be checked once every six months as a regular procedure.

How Many Sessions Does Digital Smile Design Take?

The patient's condition and the operations to be performed determine the number and frequency of sessions. In most cases, two sessions are sufficient to create the design for smile aesthetics operations and observe the prepared tooth design in your mouth using a silicone cast called a mock-up. If no additional dental surgery is required, you can usually get your ideal smile in the third session.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Smile Makeover?

  • If you're not happy with the way you smile,
  • If you wish to look younger and more dynamic,
  • If you want to boost your self-confidence,
  • If the way you look is important to you,
  • If you want to invest in your dental health and your future, you are definitely the right candidate for a Digital Smile Design treatment.

For a beautiful smile, get in touch with our team of professionals specialized digital smile aesthetics.

Get Your Smile Makeover in Turkey

You may find several dentists and smile design centers in your neighborhood by conducting a quick Internet search. But finding the right dentist who understands your needs and wants and who delivers the right results at the highest quality within your price range is a completely different story.

Smile makeover in Turkey is budget friendly in comparison to similar treatments in different parts of the world. Bu costs for each individual may vary depending on the procedures required and the number of teeth included in the treatment plan.

You could have questions about how we create our digital smiles. At SDC Antalya Smile Clinic, we create a special course of treatment tailored to your needs so that you are free to extend your trip to Turkey. To take advantage of our free consultation service, call us right away and ask about Smile Makeover in Turkey.

You are one step away from getting the smile of your dreams for a very reasonable price!