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Orthodontic Invisible Aligners / Dental Braces

Orthodontic Invisible Aligners / Dental Braces

If you are going through aesthetic concerns for not having properly positioned teeth or have difficulty maintaining your oral and dental hygiene as a result of having a crowded dentition, you may be a suitable candidate for dental braces or aligners. Or you may need to go through an orthodontic treatment process if your teeth do not overlap exactly when biting, even though your teeth are aesthetically properly aligned.

What Are Dental Braces?

Dental braces are orthodontic instruments composed of a series of brackets and wires that gently shift crooked and misaligned teeth into proper positions.

Depending on different dental problems and changing aesthetic expectations, there are different braces and aligner treatments available:

  • Conventional metal bracket and braces

    Metal braces, the first option that comes to mind when it comes to braces, is the most affordable treatment option. These dental braces consist of metal bands that wrap around and cover most of the teeth. If you don't mind having visible braces, it is a highly effective alternative.

  • Invisible braces

    Identical in size and shape to metal braces, invisible braces can be the color of the tooth itself or light-colored. Invisible braces are made of porcelain or ceramic material. Since elastic bands and other elastic materials are also transparent in color, they are called invisible braces.

  • Lingual braces

    Secured to the back surface of the teeth, lingual braces are similar to conventional braces. The key difference is that they offer an invisible alternative because they are attached to the back surface of the tooth.

  • Invisalign Aligner Treatment (Wireless Orthodontics)

    Another alternative to invisible braces is Invisalign aligner treatment. Transparent aligners are plastic guides fitted over the teeth and customized to the teeth thanks to digital orthodontic treatment. These aligners do not have braces and brackets. They need to be used in a series to move teeth to the desired positions. A series of 5-10 transparent aligners may be sufficient for simple crowding, while more complicated crowding may require a series with more than 50 different transparent aligners. These aligners need to be changed on a specific schedule determined by your orthodontist.

Your orthodontist will decide which option is more suitable for you.

How to Get Transparent Aligners in Turkey?

It is much easier to fit transparent aligners and requires fewer consultation visits. During the first session, a clinical examination is performed and the necessary measurements are taken using digital systems. A personalized transparent aligner (plaque) is produced by a 3D printer in the required number and dimensions based on the treatment plan.

The aligners are handed to the patient after both dentist and patient have approved the weekly changes, final positions and images of the teeth. Patients change each aligner at the series weekly intervals, and with each aligner the teeth improve a little more.

Getting transparent aligners in Turkey requires fewer follow-up appointments and therefore is particularly suitable for patients coming from out of town or abroad.

At What Age to Start Invisalign Aligner Treatment?

As you get older, your teeth complete their alignment according to their genetic position in your mouth. This is why treatments performed before your oral and dental development is complete give successful results in a shorter time. The ideal age for braces is between the ages of 10 and 18.

However, braces and transparent aligners can also be used in adults. In some cases, this orthodontic treatment may need to be combined with dental, oral, or maxillofacial surgery remedies.

For How Long Do You Need to Use Braces/Aligners?

This treatment process rarely gives results in a short time so it can take years for patients with serious dental disorders. So the answer to this question depends on the patient's condition.

When your dental brace or Invisalign aligner treatment begins, your orthodontist will tell you how long you will need to continue with the treatment, but this period may be shorter or longer as a result of the check-ups.

How to Clean My Braces/Aligners?

Cleaning dental braces/aligners is a very important part of the treatment process and should be done every day on a regular basis. Since dental braces are attached to your teeth and a wire passes between them, you need to use "interface brushes" for those points that the toothbrush cannot reach. Pay attention not to impact the brackets with the hard side of your toothbrush and brush your teeth with a soft-tipped brush at least twice a day.

Getting Invisalign aligner treatment is particularly advantageous for teeth hygiene. The transparent aligners can be removed while brushing the teeth and reinserted after the cleaning is finished.

Benefits of Getting Transparent Aligners in Turkey

The benefits of Invisalign aligner treatment go beyond health. There are numerous benefits to getting your Invisalign transparent aligners in Turkey:

  • You can get higher quality dental service in less time and at lower costs.
  • You can get treatment with cutting-edge medical technology.
  • You can continue with your travel and vacation plans without worrying about how you look and participate in cultural & social activities.

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