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Cosmetic Dentistry

Go Digital with Cosmetic Dental Treatment!

Digital systems are now everywhere. Facilitating our lives not only personally but also professionally, these technological solutions have become indispensable for us dental professionals as well.

New practices and new materials discovered thanks to new technologies used in the field of medicine and dentistry enable dentists to perform more effective procedures and improve the quality of life of patients.

The CAD CAM System and Intraoral Scanners are the leading edge of this new generation of digital cosmetic dental treatment.

What is an Intraoral Scanner?

Intraoral scanner systems are instruments which allow the intraoral structures of patients to be digitally visualized and recorded.

Using CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) systems in combination with these devices, it is possible to perform very healthy, fast and effective dental restoration applications on the teeth of both adults and children.

What is a CAD CAM System?

CAD CAM systems refer to computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing systems utilized in the process of preparing veneers and dental prostheses to be applied in ceramic or zirconium-based restorations for cosmetic dental treatment applications.

Using these computer-aided systems called CAD-CAM makes it possible to prepare technical procedures such as zirconium crowns , EMAX laminated veneers, ceramic crowns, and Inlay-Onlay restorations, which normally take at least 1 week and require patients to visit the clinic several times, in as little as 1-2 hours.

Steps in the CAD CAM System Treatment Process

  • 1. Digital oral scanning of the patient using intraoral scanner systems
  • 2. 3D design of dental restoration on computer (CAD)
  • 3. Production of the tooth restoration by milling the material to be used (CAM)
  • 4. Fitting of the crown to the tooth

What are the Benefits of Using a CAD CAM System?

  • Shorter treatment time. This provides comfort especially for our patients with a busy work schedule and more limited time, coming from out of town or abroad. There is no waiting period as the teeth do not need to be prepared in a laboratory environment.
  • Ready in one session. You only need to visit the clinic once for tooth preparation.
  • No temporary tooth restoration. As teeth are not produced in a laboratory environment, there is no need to prepare temporary veneers to be worn during the waiting period.
  • No teeth numbing over and over again. If no additional treatment is required, every step will be taken care of in a single session. This means you will have your new teeth in your mouth while your tooth is still numb.
  • Easily processed and superior compatible materials. The CAD-CAM dental systems enable easy and efficient processing of polycrystalline alumina, zirconium and porcelain-based materials and their derivatives, which are highly anti-allergenic and compatible with the human body but difficult to process by conventional methods.
  • More successful cosmetic results. There is almost no possibility of error and error-related correction thanks to the digital cosmetic dental measurements taken.
  • Perfect aesthetic appearance. Intraoral scanners and CAD CAM system enable far more satisfactory outcomes in terms of cosmetic dental treatment.
  • Higher success rates in implant treatment. 3D digital systems, also used for the placement of implants, minimize the risk of surgical implant complications and ensure that the dental prosthesis to be placed on the implant is prepared as a perfectly compatible superstructure.

Cosmetic Smile Makeover in Turkey with a CAD CAM System

Using CAD CAM technology, we have the freedom to combine several restorative and cosmetic procedures to give your smile the most stunning appearance imaginable.

An intraoral image of the patient is taken using intraoral scanner systems. A three-dimensional image is produced. Changes to the aesthetic position of the teeth in accordance with the patient's facial and oral structure can be made on this three-dimensional image; all types of technical changes such as abrasion, color, and contour, among others, can be applied to the digitally designed teeth. Teeth modeled using this method can be positioned on the patient's facial photograph and it can be visualized in advance what kind of appearance will be provided as a result of dental restoration.

Cost of Cosmetic Smile Makeover in Turkey

Cosmetic smile makeover in Turkey is relatively affordable. Pricing may vary depending on additional treatments and the number of teeth included in the treatment plan. At SDC Dental Smile Clinic based in Antalya we understand your needs and find the right smile solution tailored to your specific needs.

If you want to know more about cosmetic smile makeover prices in Turkey contact our team now.